How a Coffee Catering Experience Amps Up Your Office: Fueling Productivity and Creativity!



Corporate team-building exercise in progress, 3 employees pictured connecting over a cup

Wake Up and Smell the Success:

When it comes to office parties, there's one thing that can bring joy and productivity in equal measures: coffee. But we're not talking about your average breakroom brew. No, my friend, we're talking about taking that caffeinated goodness to the next level with our mobile coffee bar experience. And that rings true whether we’re talking about the office christmas party or a birthday celebration at the office.

Connect Over A Cup

Coffee has a magical ability to bring people together. A coffee cart for the office creates a focal point where colleagues can connect over a cup.

Boosting Productivity

Suddenly, that looming deadline doesn't seem so daunting, and creative ideas flow like a river of inspiration.

Accommodating All

Our corporate espresso catering is the only one on the market that provides options for everyone, including decaf, kosher, dairy-free alternatives, and a selection of non-caffeinated and/or wellness drinks. No one feels left out, ensuring that everyone can partake in the coffee-fueled festivities.

Work / Play Balance

You improve office celebrations by reminding employees that they are part of a team that knows how to balance work and play. Plus, you provide a much-needed escape from the daily grind.


When you and your colleagues can gather, mingle, and bond over their shared love for the bean, you forge bonds that go beyond PowerPoint presentations and coffee breaks. You learn that your colleagues are not just fellow employees but fellow humans who can laugh, play, and enjoy themselves just as gloriously as you.

Custom Branding*

Add custom branding by:

  • Incorporating your company's logo on the drinks
  • Adding your company branding, colors, and messaging into the menu
  • Branded coffee cups
  • Branded coffee cart
  • Crafting a signature brand drink with our team

…the possibilities are endless. Our in-house design team will work with you to curate a cohesive and immersive brand experience.

*See below for examples






"Thanks for everything. The latte cart was a hit! Everyone loved it."

- Dave E. | Jameson Irish Whiskey