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Mini‑blogs are for enjoying your short coffee breaks.
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-"Be that person that knows how to order
-The story and making of the famous Flaming S'mores Latte & Hot Chocolate!



NO. 1

Masala Chai Latte

The heartwarming drink inspired by Indian street vendors ‑ a one‑of‑a‑kind drink that I, and many others I know, can never get enough of.

Fun fact:
"Masala Chai” translates to spice tea, so asking for a "Chai tea" essentially means asking for a "tea tea".
It is said that King Harshvardhana of the Gupta Empire, a great philanthropist, created the chai drink to get through the long hours of courtroom discussions.



NO. 2

A simple yet amazing drink: Milk poured over ice and topped with steaming espresso
The term comes from the Italian caffè e latte [kaf,fe e l 'latte], which means "coffee and milk".
When ordering a latte know you'll be getting a milk based drink.
Latte for a latte of milk ;)
Ps. Espressos are 1‑2 Oz's + super concentrated in flavor and that balances the milk out nicely 🥛👘😌



NO. 3

Gourmet Caramel Mac

What the h*ck is a Carmel macchiato?/A caramel machi‑what?!
A caramel macchiato is a type of latte (can be hot or iced) made with caramel and vanilla mixed into the drink at the start.
It's an all‑time favorite for people with a sweeter palette.
For the drink shown below, we challenged ourselves to make a super gourmet version of this all‑time classic. Here's how we did it:
1. We made the espresso from from freshly roasted, organic coffee beans
2. Then, we added organic caramel & vanilla
3. We steamed up some fresh, organic whole milk (fun fact: full fat milk results in a sweeter and creamier end product).
4. Of course, we topped it with our special homemade whipped cream recipe sweetened with organic wildflower honey 🍯
5. Finally, we topped it off with fresh, house‑made caramel 😋

Pro tip: Remember it's always in the ingredients! It's not always about cooking up a crazy concoction. Keep it simple and carefully source every ingredient for the best end result. ✌️



NO. 4

Cinnamon Latte

Even a simple latte, which is primarily made of two ingredients, has the potential to be one of two extremes: burnt, bitter, flat, and unpleasant or the opposite: it can be an outright amazing experience! Done correctly, it is:
‑ sweet without any sugar added
‑ creamy
‑ the perfect drinking temperature (°140)
‑ & liberating, the way every coffee should be.
By holding the espresso to the highest standards (such a detailed process) and then frothing the milk to perfection, with a hint of cinnamon infused in the creamy goodness, (a little goes a long way) it gives you another world of coffee to look forward to. ☕



NO. 5

The Flaming S'mores Latte

This is the story behind, this sensation of a drink, crafted and invented by yours truly.

As avid coffee lovers and big s'mores connoisseurs, it was only a matter of time before this gastronomic idea struck us...

The Story:
Summer is always the best time of the year.
It's finally the season to be outdoors, soak in the sun, and generally live it up. But the real gem of summer is the bonfires at night and the s'mores we all know and love that go with them.
As avid coffee lovers and big s'mores connoisseurs, 🏕️ it was only a matter of time before this gastronomic idea struck us while gulfing down a sweet, sticky, chocolatey s'mores, and once this idea was birthed, there was no turning back. We had no choice but to be the bridge between the flaming s'mores latte and our world.
So we brought together the finest chocolate, 🍫 the best, boldest espresso, sweet graham crackers, and, of course, flaming toasted marshmallows to top it off with those nostalgic vibes in a whirlwind of flavor that is the flaming s'mores latte.
☕The End🍵



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