About Us

The History

Hi there! 

You'll find that we probably have something in common. For as long as I can remember, I've loved coffee. Want to hear a funny story? My first business was in 8th grade, where I sold to my classmates those little instant flavored coffee packets and fruit teas for a dollar (It was a renowned enterprise). When I left school, I stepped right into the coffee industry, working in a high-end café in NY. I started there as a barista, and by the time I left I was the manager of multiple different locations, and shouting coffee orders at everyone. No, but seriously, I've never been dedicated to something as strongly and passionately as I am to coffee.

Where It All Began

The idea for The Latte Royale trickled into my mind while I was at a friend's wedding. Now, this wedding was really something special. It was a beautiful no-expenses spared celebration (after all, they understood that this was the happiest day of their life).
They had:
• An immaculate ambiance
• Food prepared by a top chef
• Flower bouquets and displays that the white house would be jealous of
• A full bar with 3 bartenders serving dozens of fancy, exotic drinks
• And much more
The band was getting us all into a good mood, and being the coffee person I am, I went looking for a cup to fill my hand. I look around but I see nothing. Finally, one of the waiters points me to a far corner. I come up to the small table in the back barely able to control my laughter. This was their coffee station?! I was three electric urns with stale hot coffee and bitter black tea. The sugar packets were wet and littered all over. The milk bottle was sticky and warm and the waiters couldn't keep up with the demand.  I'm sure you can relate. It felt so wrong that something so exquisite was being served in this state at such an event, or any event for that matter. 
It pained me to see everyone's frustration with this. Something needed to change. That's why I decided to take my 6+ years of combined coffee work experience and take action.
And this blossomed what you see before you today. A vision for a new standard in coffee, and in the way we celebrate. Coffee is a staple and essential in our lives. It's time to involve it in celebrations, and any occasion for that matter, the right way!
The Founder's story!
PS. You made it to the bottom, we must've clicked 😉. Welcome aboard this journey of improving and building a greater future one coffee at a time. We are so happy to have you here. 
Now, I want to invite you (or if you're browsing for the special someone you know who loves coffee like we do) to take the first step in improving your coffee experience. Come along, right this way